About Us

We understand the business from your perspective.

Quality Team-I is Owned and Operated by automotive professionals with extensive OEM and Tier I/II experience. We have assembled a Leadership Team with a diverse international business background comprising over two hundred years of product development, manufacturing, and quality experience across various industries. Our strengths allow Quality Team 1 to leverage the vast departmental knowledge to form pillars of strength that are the foundation for the company’s overall mission vision and values. This strategic combination of business diversity intertwines the political savvy with the energy and drive of lean manufacturing techniques to foster an environment that strives for a relentless pursuit of integrity and continuous improvement.


President / C.E.O, Quality Team 1


By leveraging the Quality Team-1 services, we become an important partner in our customer’s value creation strategy.


Quality Team-1 will become the preferred provider for customers that want to stay focused on meeting their customer’s expectations while improving their bottom line, and driving value in their respective markets.

Quality Team-1 basis their business on the following Values:

  • Customer focus with relationships built on mutual respect, dignity and collaboration
  • Socratic, inquisitive, creative, with Innovative dialogue and solutions
  • Achieving excellence and developing loyalty
  • Foundation in ethics and integrity