Industrial sewer( Louisville, KY)

Job Title: Sewer Machine Operator ( Louisville, KY)

Job Classification: Non-Exempt/Hourly
Reports To: Sewing Lead
Position Overview: The Sewer/Sewer Operator is a semi- skilled position requiring understanding of Sewing. Commercial Sewing experience NOT required.

Monitor machine operation to detect problems such as defective stitching, breaks in thread, or machine malfunctions.

  • Position items under needles, using marks on machines, clamps, templates, or cloth as guides.
  • Place spools of thread, cord, or other materials on spindles, insert bobbins, and thread ends through machine guides and components.
  • Match pieces in correct sequences prior to sewing them, and verify that lots and patterns match.
  • Reading and interpreting patterns.
  • Gluing and assembling of panels.
  • Cutting, punching and buttoning.
  • Guide fabric parts under machine needles and presser feet to sew parts together.
  • Record quantities of materials processed.
  • Mount attachments, such as needles, cutting blades, or pattern plates, and adjust machine guides according to specifications.
  • Cut excess material or thread from finished products.
  • Fold or stretch edges or lengths of items while sewing to facilitate forming specified sections.
  • Perform equipment maintenance tasks such as replacing needles, or cleaning and oiling sewing machines.
  • Examine and measure finished articles to ensure quality product.
  • Cut materials according to specifications, using blades, scissors, or electric knives.
  • Position and mark patterns on materials to prepare for sewing.
  • Assembling pieces neatly into complete kits.
  • Cleaning around work area as well as in warehouse when needed.


Requirements/Other Skills/Abilities

  • 1+ years’ experience sewing as hobby or profession required, experience with complex sewing operations preferred.
  • Experience sewing with upholstery (Auto, Industrial, and Marine) preferred but not required.
  • Aptitude for commercial sewing required.
  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills required.
  • Proficiency in Microsoft office.
  • Effective organizational, reasoning, evaluation and follow-through skills required.
  • Is considered to be flexible, have the ability to multi- task and embraces change.
  • High School graduate or equivalent preferred, technical commercial/industrial sewing training highly preferred.